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Meet your Chubby Baker! I'm Samantha. I've lived in Jacksonville Florida my entire life (you don't need to know how long ;) And obviously I have a special love for cupcakes and baking. So much so that I finally decided to start my own home bakery. I know you don't want to read my entire life story and what brought me to finally sell my chubby cakes, but this has definitely been a dream of mine for a long time. I have been baking for over half my life, experimenting with flavors and techniques. I have an artistic imagination with a flare for the dramatic. I research and test flavor combinations that will feed your soul and just make you feel good. That is what I love most is to see and hear the joy that a little chubby cake can make someone feel. 

I have such a love and passion for baking that you can literally taste it. I truly feel that baking with love is the most important ingredient. There are a lot of amazing bakers out there and I hope you give my cupcakes a try. We offer a wide variety of flavors and designs and can custom make almost anything you can dream up. Call, text or email us today and we'll feed your chubby side!

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