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It may look overwhelming, but we promise its worth the look! Each of these flavors have been tasted and perfected just for you. From classic to unexpected you're sure to find something you'll love. 

Not sure about these flavors? No worries, most of them are in rotation at our pop-ups and markets, so be sure to follow us on social media to see where we'll be next!


Gold- chocolate cake, cookie butter filling, chocolate buttercream, gold sprinkles & salted caramel chip topper

Velvet Cookie- red velvet cake, Oreo brand cookie center, Oreo cream cheese buttercream, Oreo brand cookie and red velvet cake crumb topper

Cookies & Cream- chocolate cake, Oreo brand cookie center, Oreo brand buttercream, Oreo brand cookie topper

German Chocolate- chocolate cake, pecan/coconut glaze filling, chocolate buttercream

Coffee- chocolate cake, Irish cream (or vanilla custard) filling, coffee buttercream, chocolate straw topper

S'mores- graham cracker cake, chocolate ganache filling, toasted marshmallow and graham cracker topper

Black- chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream

Black & White- chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, cream cheese buttercream, chocolate ganache drizzle

New-Tella- chocolate cake, chocolate hazelnut filling, chocolate hazelnut buttercream, chocolate straw topper

Chocolate Malt- chocolate cake, vanilla custard filling, chocolate malt buttercream, chocolate straw topper

Cocoa Cereal- chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, Cocoa Puffs Brand buttercream, Cocoa Puffs Brand cereal topper

V-Day- chocolate cake, chocolate and raspberry filling, raspberry buttercream

Red Velvet- red velvet cake, chocolate sprinkles filling, cream cheese buttercream (yes this is really chocolate, red colored chocolate)

Caliente- chocolate cake, chili & cayenne chocolate ganache filling, cinnamon chocolate buttercream


Vanilla- vanilla cake, sprinkles filling, vanilla buttercream

Wedding- almond cake, Bavarian cream filling, vanilla buttercream, gold sprinkles topper

Cotton Candy- vanilla cake, sprinkles filling, cotton candy buttercream, cotton candy topper

Birthday- sprinkle vanilla cake, sprinkle filling, chocolate buttercream

DunkaRoo- funfetti cake, funfetti vanilla buttercream filling and topping, teddy Graham topper

White- white cake, white chocolate vanilla bean filling, white chocolate buttercream


PB&C- chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, peanut butter buttercream, pretzel topper

PB&J- vanilla cake, homemade muscadine jelly filling, peanut butter buttercream

Pistachio- pistachio cake, cream cheese buttercream filling and topping

Fluff & Naner- banana bread cake, marshmallow fluff filling, peanut butter buttercream 


Lemon- lemon cake, lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream, lemon jelly candy topper

Peach Cobbler- vanilla cake, peach filling, peach vanilla buttercream, cobbler topper

Lemon/Strawberry- lemon cake, strawberry compote filling, lemon buttercream- freeze dried strawberry topper

Strawberry- strawberry cake, strawberry puree filling, cream cheese buttercream, freeze dried strawberry topper

Key Lime- graham cracker cake, key lime curd filling, key lime buttercream, vanilla buttercream and graham cracker crumbs topper

Guava- vanilla cake, sweet cream cheese filling, guava butter cream, guava jelly candy topper

Goat- vanilla cake, apricot OR fig filling, goat cheese buttercream, dried apricot or dried fig topper

PinaCoco- coconut cake, coconut custard filling, pineapple buttercream, pineapple candy topper

Fruity Cereal- vanilla cake, lemon curd filling, Fruity Pebbles Brand cereal buttercream, Fruity Pebbles Brand cereal topper


Breakfast- vanilla cake, blueberry compote filling, maple buttercream, with or without bacon topper

Munchies- chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, vanilla buttercream, dipped in Doritos Brand chip crumbs, chocolate covered Doritos topper

Honey- graham cracker cake, honey butter filling, honey buttercream, honey cereal topper

BB- "Butter Beer" butter cake, butterscotch custard filling, butter buttercream, butterscotch chip topper

Cinnamon Cereal- vanilla cake, cinnamon mousse filling, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Brand cereal buttercream and topper

Cookie Dough- vanilla cake, edible cookie dough filling, chocolate buttercream, Cookie Crisp cereal topper

Horchata- vanilla/almond cake, cinnamon custard filling, cinnamon vanilla buttercream, chocolate straw topper

Cannoli- vanilla cake, cannoli filling, cream cheese buttercream, mini chocolate chips & waffle crisp topper

Ube- white cake, ube butter spread filling, ube buttercream, ube shortbread cookie topper (Ube is a purple sweet potato, sweet and buttery in flavor) 


Cookie Butter- vanilla cake, cookie butter filling, cookie butter buttercream, Lotus Biscoff Brand cookie topper

Eggnog- eggnog cake, cinnamon mousse filling, eggnog buttercream

Gingerbread- ginger spice cake, royal icing filling, ginger snap cookie buttercream, ginger snap cookie topper

Peppermint Chocolate- chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, peppermint chocolate buttercream, peppermint chocolate bark topper

Apple Pie- vanilla cake, homemade apple pie filling, cinnamon buttercream, pie crust topper

Pecan Pie- vanilla cake, homemade pecan pie filling, butter buttercream, pie crust topper

Pumpkin- pumpkin spice cake, cinnamon or sweet pumpkin filling, cream cheese buttercream

Salted Caramel- vanilla cake, salted caramel filling, salted caramel buttercream, pretzel topper

Sweet Potato- sweet potato & zucchini cake, sweet potato & cinnamon filling, toasted marshmallow topper

Cinnamon Roll- vanilla cake, cinnamon brown sugar filling, cream cheese & cinnamon swirl buttercream

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll- pumpkin spice cake, cinnamon brown sugar filling, cream cheese & cinnamon swirl buttercream

Cranberry- vanilla cake, cranberry & apricot compote filling, goat cheese buttercream, dried apricot topper

Hot Chocolate- chocolate cake, vanilla custard filling, hot chocolate buttercream, mini marshmallows topper

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